The Wildest Fish in the
remoteness of Amazon

Discover the dorado while wading into pristine rivers and
lose yourself in the breathtaking surroundings.

Tsimane opens the possibility to fly-fish for huge Dorados in small mountain rivers with clear waters surrounded by a virgin rainforest. Although the fish population remains completely untouched and at certain moments the fishing bursts into endless hunts, one has to be prepared for more technical situations in which Dorados appear more selective. Sight fishing in clear shallow waters takes an accurate cast and a silent approach. Surface fly-fishing during these hunts requires good speed and reflex.

We fish with quite large flies which most of our guests are not accustomed to, therefore it is essential to pay attention to the recommendations of the pro guide at all times.

We fish during the dry season, from May up to and including October, a period in which the most astonishing migration of Sabalos and Dorados in South America takes place. These fish arrive by millions every year seeking to spot the breeding places where they spawn, from December to January. In addition to Dorados, large Pacus and Yatoranas can be caught, and also occasionally striped Surubis and a rare variety of Dorado endemic to the Amazon basin. In order to provide a high-level program in such a remote and geographically complex area we have designed a fishing program for our guests to get the most out of their Tsimane experience.


• Give our guests full access to all the richness this area has to offer.
• Rotate the beats to minimize fishing pressure.
• Fish with reduced groups in large areas to relieve the pressure.