The fish, the wilderness, the culture, the comfort and safety in the middle of nowhere conform an overwhelming experience that transcends fly-fishing.

90% of the fishing at Tsimane is done by wet wading in the river or fishing from the banks. The river structure varies tremendously from river section to section. From sandy and small gravel beaches to sharp volcanic rock shoals transitioning through all kind of freestones and boulders. Wading is not difficult or dangerous; however there is a lot of it. We recommend guests to at least do some walking/running the weeks prior to their visit.

As for the safety, we strongly recommend our guests to wade behind their guides and to keep their eyes open. Stingrays are rare (We have never had an incident with a stringray in Tsimane) but they are present in these waters and an unfortunate misstep can result in an extremely painful ordeal. Stingray guards will be provided when necessary (available at the lodge but you can bring yours if you prefer to).

WADING EQUIPMENT: Fast drying pants or shorts over a lightweight base layer (Patagonia Capilene #1), sturdily built felt sole wading boots, neoprene socks, gravel guards or neoprene leggings. We recommend bringing lightweight Waders just in case it gets cold. Please do not bring rubber soled wading boots as they don’t work on the thin algae film that covers our rocks and gravel and this could be a bothering experience.