Be inspired by
the local fishermen.

Witness the wisdom and craft of
the natives who carry on a
centuries-old legacy.

The TIPNIS area is not only a National Park but an Indigenous Territory, property of the Chimán, Yuracaré, Moxeño, and Trinitario ethnic groups.

One of the most important Tsimane’s goals is the protection of the indigenous culture. The project provides the natives a better quality of life but empowering their traditions. They participate actively in the operation working in different areas but the most important is guiding, a practice that recreate their ancient skills as hunters and fisherman.

Then is when their knowledge takes all its value. Their ability to spot fish with no need for polarized sunglasses is unique and the way they read the signs of the river and the jungle goes far beyond our comprehension

Tsimane’s platform of work consists of one English speaking pro guide and two indigenous guides every two anglers. This represents one significant advantage to our guests given that not only the pro guides deliver their specific skills but also the indigenous guides share their ancestral knowledge making the fishing experience even deeper.