Exhilarating landscape meets
state-of-the-art accommodation

Enjoy our delicious international cuisine
and relax in our rooms with astonishing


• Double rooms with private bathrooms, spring box beds, hot water, and electric lights.

• Free Wi-Fi.

• Free Laundry.

• Fly shop.

• International Cuisine paired with great Argentinean/ Chilean / Bolivian Varietals in a well-fashioned living and dining room.

• A nice Bar with cool drinks.


• Comfortable camp built in 2/3 different strategic locations along the way to the headwaters

• Double cot tents.

• Gazebo for dinners.

• Bathroom tents.

• Good food and cold drinks.

• Generator .


Tsimane offers the service of one professional English-speaking guide plus two indigenous guides, each 2 guests. The pro guide brings his fishing experience and the indigenous guides their ancestral knowledge about the jungle and the river, making the whole experience much deeper.

GRATIFICATIONS: Gratifications are not included in the package and they are a personal choice based on the service provided. The hosts and the personnel work hard to provide the best experience during your stay. Gratifications should be at discretion and show the gratitude for the services provided but it usually ranges on a 10% of the total price of the package. This is very much appreciated by our staff!


We expect that visitors will consider the environment and power economy at our lodges by not leaving artifacts turned on when not in use. Please turn off the lights when not in used. Tsimane is provided with electricity by generators. We usually switch on the generators in the morning from 6:00 am to 10:00am, and from 5:00 pm to midnight. The voltage is 220 Volts, 50 Cycles. A standard converter and/or USA/Europe adapter should work perfectly.

Generators provide electricity, 220-volts, so be sure to bring the proper adapters, depending on your electronic device and country of origin. You can charge batteries and use an electric shavers or hair dryers if you like with the system we have in place. We are very sensitive and conscious about sustainability and we incorporate solar panels for hot water production.